Research Fellowship

DIRI Research Fellowship is a six-month programme wherein researchers work towards understanding the application and relevance of digital identity systems especially Aadhaar. The researchers get an opportunity to generate insights on the impact of Aadhaar across areas like financial inclusion, governance and citizen engagement, improving access to goods and services, and empowering citizens, among others.



Faculty from academic institutions or researchers at a civil society organisation interested in the area of digital identity research are eligible to apply. This fellowship is open to individuals and not organisations.


Duration and Funding

The applicants are expected to start the research in 2020. Grant awards may be used to pay for costs associated with the research, including fieldwork expenses, travel and hiring of surveyors if any. The grant funds may also be used for database purchase and subscriptions. Salaries, wherever relevant and necessary, would be paid.
Interested candidates may contact us at


Job Opportunities

We are interested in hiring Research Associates and Research assistants to assist ISB faculty under DIRI’s umbrella and conduct independent research. The ideal candidate(s) are those interested in pursuing a PhD programme in the fields of Operations and service delivery, Digital systems, Financial inclusion, Data and text analytics. Please connect with us to know more and email us your CV on



DIRI offers Internship positions, both full-time and part-time on an ongoing basis. The Internships positions are mostly based in ISB’s Hyderabad campus. If you are interested, please send a CV and cover letter to us at